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PARS REGULATOR CO. founded in 1982, started its activities as one of the leading manufacturers of various types of LP Gas Regulator in IRAN. Now after a quarter of Century experience and skill in manufacturing LPG products with emphasis on the experienced technical and engineering staff and making benefit of the best quality materials, we are witnessing its ever increasing development both in respect of quality and quantity. We produce various types of LP Gas product as following:

  1. Various types of LP Gas regulator

  2. Various types of LP Gas heating torch

  3. Camping Stove

  4. Butane gas cartridge


These products are manufactured in various models through most worldwide modern machineries and also QC tests on products are performed by most advanced precision tools. With nominal production capacity of more than 3,000,000 pieces per year, we already have the main share of domestic supply and export to several countries such as TURKEY, SYRIA, SUDAN, IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN.
High-quality products acc. to international standards, being equipped with the most experienced and professional experts and engineers, customers' satisfaction and producing based on market need, etc. are considered as illustrious specifications of Pars Regulator Co. Meanwhile, accepting private orders of customers, offering high-quality products to customers with fair and reasonable prices (competitive rates) and supplying various products along with high flexibility in production have distinguished the Group from other similar production units.

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Quality management system; ISO 9001 Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI) International Standards Certifications (ISC)

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